UFO Landing In Canada: The Falcon Lake Incident

On 20 May 1967, a Canadian man by the name of Stephen Michalak was on his way to the Whiteshell Provincial Park in Manitoba.

Michalak was an ardent outdoorsman and hobbyist geologist with a long history of prospecting.

His mission for that day was simple:

Search through Whiteshell’s wilderness for valuable ores.

As it turned out, however, he would stumble upon something much different— something shocking and that would turn his life upside down.

A Bad Day For Prospecting

When Michalak reached Whiteshell Park, he started heading towards a bouldered area near Falcon Lake.

After hiking for about an hour, he finally found a rocky formation that looked favorable for prospecting.

Eagerly, he started looking around and spotted what seemed to be a bountiful vein of quartz.

Before he could get close to it, however, the amateur geologist was interrupted by a bizarre spectacle:

In the sky above were two bright, red objects that seemed to hover in place.

Mere moments after Michalak spotted them, the strange lights began descending towards him.

As they got nearer, the stunned Canadian realized that the red lights were actually being emitted from two strange crafts.

The Flying Saucers Arrive

Both of the UFOs were clearly metallic and looked like classic “flying saucers”.

Just as soon as Michalak could make them out, the objects stopped dead in the air and started flashing a series of colors.

The lights went from red to orange, then orange to bright-white.

Following the baffling display, one of the objects hovered down and landed on a big, flat rock — around 150 feet or so away from Michalak.

From where he stood, it looked to be about 35 feet across and made of polished steel, with a golden glow all around it.

Investigating The Craft

Even after it had landed, the mysterious craft continued flashing the intense colors — which apparently originated from a source within it.

Michalak later stated that the lights were so powerful that his eyes watered — despite him wearing a thick pair of welding goggles.

Next, the UFO began exuding a horrible, pungent smell similar to sulfur.

Then, a sharp hissing noise could be heard, and a tiny port of some sort opened on one side of the craft.

At first, Michalak thought he could hear whispers coming from inside the vessel.

This made him think it was a secret military machine piloted by humans.

Curious, the Canadian tried to greet the passengers in different languages.

He said “hello” in Russian, Ukrainian, German, Italian, French, and English.

Despite his efforts, however, no answer was received.

Getting Closer

Finally, Michalak decided to approach the object to check if he could see something through the opening.

There, he observed what he described as a “geometric pattern of bright lights”.

According to him, they looked to be flashing in a particular sequence above some sort of control panel.

Although he thought he had heard voices, no people (or aliens) could be seen inside the UFO.


As he was now face-to-face with the vessel, Michalak could see that its material was not steel, but rather something resembling glass.

It was crystal-clear and incredibly lustrous — almost supernaturally so.

The prospector (possibly due to his love for shiny things) couldn’t resist touching the surface.

He reached for the side of the craft to get a feel for it when, suddenly, his glove started rapidly melting away.

Shocked by the scorching heat, he immediately withdrew his hand.

Take Off

A mere second later, the UFO closed the opening and took off into the air with astonishing speed.

As it did this, a new, smaller opening instantly appeared.

This gave off a condensed blast of scorching-hot air that set Michalak’s clothing on fire.

Out of pure instinct, he immediately started rolling around on the ground before ripping off his burning jacket and shirt.

The Aftermath

After stamping out the flames, Michalak stood in place for a few minutes in pure disbelief, trying to make sense of what just happened.

Before he could do so, however, a feeling of sickness came over him.

Startled, he hastily laid down a bunch of branches and pinecones to mark the area of the landing.

Then, he rushed through the forest towards his parked car.

A Desperate Drive

As soon as he reached the vehicle, Michalak started driving towards the hotel he was staying at.

On his way there, the sickness started to worsen — forcing him to pull over a number of times to throw up.

He decided to drive to the nearest hospital in Misericordia instead.

As his health kept deteriorating, however, Michalak became worried he wouldn’t survive the 4-hour drive there.

Checking In At The Hospital

In case he collapsed from the condition, he would need someone to watch over him.

After some thought, he called his wife and asked her to meet him at a nearby bus station in Winnipeg.

They both made it there in time, and, together with their son, they proceeded to the hospital where Michalak was admitted to the emergency room.

There, he informed the staff about the strange craft, the burns it gave him, and the illness that swiftly followed.

Not sure what to make of his extraordinary story, they decided to do a number of tests on him.

A Lengthy List

Based on the doctors’ evaluations, Michalak was suffering from an extensive list of ailments.

These included:

  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Numbness
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Burns
  • Skin patches
  • Eye irritation
  • Swollen joints

Furthermore, when studying his blood test results, they discovered something very strange:

His lymphocytes had inexplicably been reduced to 16% — down from a regular value of 25%.

This usually indicates some sort of infection or serious illness.

However, during his stay at the hospital, Michalak’s lymphocyte levels gradually came back to normal.

His appetite had also nearly vanished, resulting in him losing 22 pounds (mostly lean mass) in just a couple of weeks.

Confusing The Doctors

The strangest thing about Michalak’s condition related to the burns on his chest (which he got from the UFO’s “exhaust vent” that opened before it flew away).

Firstly, the burns were in a geometrical pattern that made it look like he had fallen on top of a grill.

Secondly, the marks disappeared and reappeared during the course of several days.

This stunned the hospital workers who witnessed it, and no explanation was ever found.


Once Michalak’s case had been analyzed by a number of doctors, a startling conclusion was reached:

According to his list of symptoms, it appeared the Canadian man had been exposed to dangerous levels of radiation.

When lab results came back, however, there were no signs of radiation poisoning to be found.

Lacking answers, and with Michalak’s health seemingly returned, the doctors cleared him to leave.

Rumors Of A UFO Landing

Just a few days after returning home, Michalak was contacted by several individuals who wanted to know more about his UFO contact.

Apparently, some of the hospital workers had let others know of his unusual story.

Eventually, Michalak met up with the interested parties.

They included a journalist from Life Magazine and two representatives from the Condon Committee — a University of Colorado UFO project financed by the United States Air Force.

After some back and forth discussion, they decided to visit the supposed landing site of the mysterious craft.

A Fruitless Flyover

Together, all four got on a helicopter and flew over Whiteshell Park, hoping Michalak could spot the location from the air.

After repeated flyovers, however, he failed to do so.

He claimed he was thrown off by the lush, summer foliage that now covered the entire forest.

When he witnessed the landing back in May, most of the trees and bushes had been bare, he said.

At the time, the Condon Committee researchers were skeptical of this explanation.

After some deliberation, they decided to drop the case and head back to the US.

Nevertheless, some months later, the Committee labeled the incident “unknown” — meaning, there were no obvious explanations for the event.

The Canadian Government Enters The Scene

Despite the initial failure to locate the landing spot, Michalak’s story continued to garner interest (along with plenty of ridicule, naturally).

Eventually, he was contacted by Canadian police and air force troops, who conducted a series of interviews with him.

Hearing about the failed air survey, they advised searching on foot instead.

A Lengthy Hike

After they had reached Whiteshell, Michalak and the state personnel traveled for nearly an hour through the wilderness.

On the ground, he could more easily get a feel for the area he had previously gone through.

Ultimately, he managed to lead the group to the flat rock outcropping where the UFO had landed.

There, the men observed a large circle (approximately 15 feet in diameter) imprinted on the earth, moss, and other materials that covered the rock.

Radioactive Readings

The air force personnel had brought with them radiation detectors, which immediately showed anomalous readings.

Intrigued, they collected soil samples and sent them to a laboratory.

Sure enough, the test results demonstrated clear signs of radiation.

But there was more:

Two types of radiation were found in the soil.

Type one was naturally-occurring radiation from the uranium ore in the area.

Type two was a rarer form of radiation called radium 226 — the source of which could not be identified.

When the Canadian officials learned of this, they quickly sealed off the location of the alleged landing.

If they conducted more research on the area afterwards cannot be confirmed.

Nevertheless, there were plenty of rumors of (assumed) government activity near Whiteshell at the time.

A Suspicious Checkup

A year after the shocking incident at Falcon Lake, Michalak was still not feeling 100% — experiencing occasional weakness and dizziness.

Longing to get back to optimal health, he traveled all the way to the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, USA.

There, he went through another series of tests, hoping to resolve his lingering ailment.

An Eerie Reaction

Once he was finished with the examinations, Michalak headed home to Canada.

Weeks went by without a single letter or phone call from the Mayo Clinic.

Thinking his files had been forgotten, Michalak contacted the Clinic and requested that they send him his test results.

To his disappointment, however, they never arrived.

Instead, he received a weird letter.

In it, the Mayo Clinic said that he had never visited them and that no tests had been carried out.

Michalak, still in possession of the medical bills, was understandably baffled by this response.

With great persistence, he was eventually able to get his medical records from the Mayo Clinic — proving that he had indeed been there.

When he read through the records, though, he was further confused by the details within them.

They stated that he was in good health, and that he only had mild cases of itchy skin and syncope.

There were zero notes about his other, more serious symptoms or the extensive testing he went through.

Possible Government Shenanigans

In the years following the Falcon Lake incident, the Canadian state acted in a quite secretive manner.

Personnel could sometimes be seen going in and out of Whiteshell, without any apparent reason to do so.

When journalists and researchers came to them with questions about the UFO event, government officials always gave the same, political answer:

That the case had been detailed by the National Research Council, and that all the information was publicly available.

Their official conclusion was that they could not confirm nor deny Michalak’s encounter with an alien vessel.

Naturally, this led to whispers of a coverup, which continue ‘till this day.

The Legacy Of The Falcon Lake Incident

The Falcon Lake UFO event left a mark on history like few other.

There are numerous reasons for this:

  • The Canadian government’s close involvement and fishy behavior
  • Michalak’s list of ailments, including a mysterious burn pattern on his chest
  • The Mayo Clinic’s denial of Michalak’s visit and examinations
  • Rare radiation readings near the purported landing site
  • The reported unique behavior and appearance of the flying craft

No one knows for sure what happened that fateful day in May of 1967.

Still, it remains one of the most interesting UFO cases in Canada’s history.

Even today, it keeps inspiring artists, writers, and researchers from all over the world.

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