About the Vault

These days, many like to think that humanity has finally entered the stage of ultimate knowledge.

It is believed that the scientific progress of the last centuries have charted most, if not all, of our reality.

Old superstitions have been put to rest and grand enigmas have evaporated.

Indeed, even the Gods seem to have been chased away by the sharp, cold, blade of materialist ‘enlightenment’.

However, for those who have eyes to see, this narrative eventually breaks down.

The truth is, we are still very much surrounded by mysteries of all kinds.

In fact, our Universe is steeped in mystery — and as one puzzle is examined, others are soon discovered.

On this website, we work hard to document some of the most awe-inspiring, thought-provoking phenomena ever encountered.

In truth, this is all being done for you, the seeker.

You, who find beauty and wonder along the roads less traveled.

You, who cannot resist diving down rabbit holes.

You, who seek evolution through the sanctity of mystery.

Welcome to the Vault of Mysteries.

We have been waiting for you.